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Can I ask for a private room in hospital after the birth?

There are very few general hospitals that cater for fully ‘private’ care following the delivery of your baby, unless you have delivered your baby in a private hospital. Some hospital units do have specific rooms with ensuite allocated to ‘private’ care postnatally, but these are fairly few and far between. Many hospitals do offer an ‘amenity room’ following the delivery of your baby. This is generally just a single room, with or without ensuite facilities, situated on the postnatal ward within your local hospital. These rooms are sometimes allocated to women postnatally requiring a single room for medical reasons and so these women do not have to pay. The amenity rooms are, therefore, allocated to women on a first come, first served basis. Should you wish to have an amenity room postnatally, you should write it in your birth plan1, and should remind your midwife once your baby has been born.

The cost of each room may vary between units and the facilities each room has. It must be noted that the cost is for the room only. The midwifery care will continue to be given by the staff on the postnatal ward and, in most units, your partner and visitors will still have to abide by the ward visiting times. It may be a good idea to discuss this will your midwife when you discuss your birth plan2


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