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  1. midwivesonline is required to comply with data protection requirements in the way in which it uses any personal information collected from you in your use of this Website and in relation to any services provided to you by midwivesonline. This requirement is in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and certain other legal requirements which put into effect various pieces of European law.
  2. At midwivesonline, we therefore take very seriously your rights in relation to the way in which we use your personal information and the security of that data which you provide to us is very important.
  3. In various places on this Website, you may be asked to provide to us certain personal information about yourself such as contact information for example a name and e-mail address or for example a CV if you wish to apply for a position with this organisation. Any submissions which you make on a Chatroom, Discussion Forum or the "Tell Us your Story" section may also include personal data.
  4. The personal data which we collect from you will be held and used for the proper administration of our business and in order to provide information services to you or to answer any questions which you may raise. We will retain copies of any communications which you send to us (including copies of any e-mails) in order to maintain accurate records of the information which we have received, such as queries and requests for advice as well as information and stories which you have submitted to us. This information will also be used to give us a better understanding of who is using our site and the types of subject areas which are of interest. The personal data which you supply to us will also be used for the purposes for which you supplied it for example if you wish to apply for a position within midwivesonline and send us your CV, your CV will therefore be used for the purpose of assessing your application for a position with midwivesonline. For specific uses for which personal data will be used in any particular case, please refer to the specific notices which are included on the pages of the Website at which personal information is collected.
  5. Some of the information which you may submit may include what is known under the relevant legislation as "sensitive personal data". This includes for example information relating to trade union membership, your health, any disability which you may have or your race or ethnic origin. Should you supply any such information (including any photographs) in particular for example in the "Tell Us Your Story" section or Discussion Forum you specifically consent to our use of that information which you submit.

Youre Rights

The Data Protection Act 1998 gives every individual a number of rights.  In brief, you have the right to:

  • Access information held about you - please note: in accordance with the Act a fee may be charged for this service
  • Prevent processing of information likely to cause distress
  • Prevent use of information about you for direct marketing
  • Correct and inaccurate record
  • Seek compensation if you suffer damage
  • Have an assessment made if your think the Act has been contravened

We undertake to respect these rights.

Our Obligations

The Data Protection Act 1998 imposes a number of obligations on our services.  In brief, these are:

  • Information about you will be processed fairly and lawfully
  • Information will be used solely for planning and delivering  health advice and will not be used in a inappropriate way
  • The information recorded about you will be adequate and relevant
  • You can request a copy of all information we hold about you
  • Information will be kept no longer the necessary
  • All of the information will be processed within the service in accordance with your rights
  • We will take all necessary measure to prevent unlawful processing, accidental loss, damage or destruction
  • Personal data will be stored in a secure and protected environment. This includes a secure building, locked offices, password protected computers with authorized and selective access by MWOL Ltd staff.

Your Personal Data

  1. In using this Website, it may be necessary for us to collect certain information about you. The Website will make clear when you are being asked to submit any information about yourself and how that information will be treated. The use of any personal information will be in accordance with our Privacy Policy which forms part of these Terms and Conditions and which is set out below.

Direct Marketing

  1. When you submit your contact details to us, you will be asked on the relevant pages of the Website whether you would like to receive information about the services offered by midwivesonline. We will only send such information to you if you specifically state that you wish your details to be used for that purpose by ticking the appropriate box. You may at any time indicate that you wish to stop receiving such information by e-mailing info@midwivesonline.com.


  1. This Website uses cookies to track your use of the web and to assist the functionality of the Website. A cookie is a small file of text which is downloaded onto your computer when you access our Website. This allows us to recognize when you as the same user come back to the Website]. Cookies are used for the purpose of allowing us to understand who is accessing our site and helping to gain a picture of use volume. They are also used to help recognize those users who are repeated users so that we can gauge your interest in the site.

Disclosure of your Information

  1. From time to time it may be necessary for us to pass your details on to carefully selected third parties for example who are used to provide services to us to ensure the proper functioning and design of our Website. Similarly, there may be services offered on this Website which mean that we necessarily have to provide your details to a third party. By submitting your information to us you specifically consent to our disclosing such information to third parties as necessary from time to time.
  2. On occasion it may be necessary for us to transfer your personal information overseas and in particular outside of the European Economic Area (this includes the member states of the EU plus Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland). Where this is the case, by providing the information you specifically consent to our disclosing this information outside of the EEA in order for us to provide a proper service to you in accordance with the functions on this site.

Accessing Your Data and Making Sure it is Accurate

  1. You have the right to be informed of the information which we hold on you and if you have any queries in this regard please email info@midwivesonline.com. We may request from you a small fee of 10.00 to cover our administration charges of supplying this information to you. You also have the right to request us to update any records which we hold about you should the information become inaccurate or out of date. Therefore if you wish to update your details please let us know by emailing info@midwivesonline.com.


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