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Special situations Frequently Asked Questions
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Special situations

I don’t have a partner but I want this baby – Is it OK to go it alone? midwives response

I’m pregnant and still at school, will I have to leave? midwives response

I just got to University and now I’m pregnant – my parents will be furious. What can I do? midwives response

My boyfriend said it was safe but now I think I’m pregnant – whom can I talk to? midwives response

I know my mum cares but she wants to come everywhere with me – How can I tell her to back off? midwives response

I though I was starting the menopause – now it turns out I’m pregnant and our youngest child is 10. How are we going to cope? midwives response

I’ve left it too late for an abortion – is it wicked to let my baby be adopted? midwives response

Our first baby is only 10 months old – how can I be pregnant again? midwives response

My boyfriend doesn’t want to know about the baby – What rights do I have? midwives response

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