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Baby Development During Pregnancy Frequently Asked Questions
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Baby Development During Pregnancy

I’m trying to get my partner involved in my pregnancy; I keep letting him feel the baby move, what else can I do? midwives response

I've got a full-on career and I'm 6 months pregnant. I've hardly had time to think about the baby and I feel I'm missing out - will this affect my baby and what can I do to bond to my baby? midwives response

Is it true that much of the really important brain development happens in the first trimester? midwives response

When will my baby’s face be formed? midwives response

When can a baby first suck its thumb? midwives response

Before we had a scan my husband never seemed to mention the baby, then after the scan he’s gone the opposite way and wants to protect my every move; its like he’s just woken up. Is this normal? midwives response

When will my midwife be able to hear my baby’s heartbeat? midwives response

I’m scared that I won’t love my baby or feel love when my baby is born – is this a normal feeling? midwives response

When will I first feel my baby move? midwives response

I’ve recently lost a parent and been very traumatized – can stress affect the baby’s development? midwives response

What sounds can my baby hear when its in the uterus? midwives response

I’m 25 weeks pregnant, and my baby seems to ‘jump’ when it hears loud noises – is this likely? midwives response

I’m measuring the same over three weeks. Does this mean that my baby isn’t growing? midwives response

Do babies have hiccups in the womb? I’m sure I can feel them. midwives response

When will my baby grow finger nails? midwives response

From which week could my baby survive outside of the womb? midwives response

I like to rub my tummy and talk to my baby in the womb. My mum says I’m daft but even now I feel like my baby is here – do other mum’s do this? midwives response

Can my baby see bright lights? I’m 32 weeks. midwives response

Is it normal for babies to stop moving around so much towards the end? midwives response

When will my baby engage? midwives response

Is my baby developing much in the last month? midwives response

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