"Thank you for your reply, this has put my mind at rest a lot as I still haven't got to see my midwife yet. This service ..."
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Welcome to midwivesonline.com the website that has over 700 questions that women (and in many cases, men) frequently ask when they are thinking about starting a family, or are already on the pregnancy journey.

The information on this website has been compiled and written by a team of qualified professional midwives and health visitors in what we hope is a user-friendly easy-to-understand way.


Men, relationships and other children
Many men feel inadequate when they are unable to protect their families from pain...
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How can I give myself the best chance of getting pregnant?
Preconception advice is given to couples who wish to prepare for a future pregnancy....
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What's the big deal if I'm Rhesus negative?
At your first antenatal clinic appointment, blood samples are taken...
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This Week's Top 3 Companies for Fun for Babies & Toddlers


Baby Rug
Visit Baby Rug, for high quality, easy to use, "must-have" baby products...

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Hippychick Ltd
The award winning range includes hipseats, baby toiletries, bed protectors, baby shoes...

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National Childbirth Trust
Baby equipment & toys; pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding products...

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Cephalopelvic disproportion

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