"Thank you for your reply, this has put my mind at rest a lot as I still haven't got to see my midwife yet. This service ..."
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Bathing Baby
I was looking through books about bathing the baby and it tells you what to do but it doesn't tell you when to do it...
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Folic Acid
It is recommended that women take folic acid for three months prior to conception...
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Maternity Notes
In my maternity notes it has under ENG, What does this mean?...
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This Week's Top 3 Companies for Baby Accessories


Baby Rug
Easy to use, "must-have" baby products, including the Australian made Bug in a Rug...

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Hippychick Ltd
Hippychick is committed to discovering and developing innovative and original products...

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National Childbirth Trust
Baby equipment and toys; pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding products and information...

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Post-traumatic stress disorder

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